Brazil, the biggest and most populous country in Latin America, is also one of the 11 most unequal countries in the world, with alarming poverty. Education is key to transforming this. For the next three years, MSC Cruises will be supporting an innovative UNICEF project to combat poverty and inequality by helping ensure disadvantaged children in Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo gain equality of access to a quality education.

Education is both a basic right and a force for change able to reduce early pregnancy, HIV transmission and child mortality in Brazil, while combating social inequality and enhancing community cohesion. Which is why MSC Cruises is supporting UNICEF to help ensure every child in the disadvantaged comunidades populares of Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo receives the schooling they need to build a better future.

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The UNICEF programme “Get on board for children”, supported by MSC Cruises, aims to help achieve Universal Education, one of the United Nation’s eight Millennium Development Goals, endorsed by 192 member states and 23 international organisations. The full eight goals are:

1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
3. Promote Gender Equality
4. Reduce Child Mortality
5. Improve Maternal Health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability
8. Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Whether or not we’re parents, we all know that children are the future and deserve the best.

That’s why children travel free all year on MSC Cruises. And that’s why we’re supporting UNICEF to help disadvantaged children benefit from a quality education.

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